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Personalized Real Estate Investments


About SOSA Real Estate Investments

Sosa is a dynamic forward-thinking Real Estate Agency with 20 years of experience.


We constantly search and bid for new and bright real estate investment opportunities as partners, buyer agents, or promoters.

Investment Opportunities

Finding Real Estate investment opportunities in Barcelona is in our DNA, it is our passion. 

Matching and tailoring the perfect investment and property to your needs is our art and the secret to our success.

See below some of the available real estate investment opportunities on offer and contact us if you are considering investing in Barcelona's ever-evolving real estate market.

Our services

Real estate investments

When we identify an opportunity we seize it.

That is how we build our rich portfolio of profitable projects.

Investors are welcome to join us and invest in an ongoing  enterprise that best suits thier budget and crieteria. 



We are here to allocate and realize your dream investment.

For over 20 years we allocate and create tailored made property investment opportunities.

We provide all the needed representation and services so local and international property investors can enjoy hands-free success.

A licensed Real estate agency, register in the Spanish Real estates federation, APi_________

We also collaborate with many other real estate agencies of big and small scale, knowing that each project has its ideal type of real estate agency. 

Real estate


At Sosa, we make sure that all aspects of your investment are under our control and manage all of our projects in-house. 


We take a hands-on approach from the project start to finish.


From the initial project architect plans, getting the needed permissions, finances, choosing the best contractors and materials all the way to the project completion we are there to make sure the best quality is delivered. 

We inspire to providing world-class tailored service to our clients adapting to their needs and wants.


We are passionate about providing extra economic and personal value to anyone w.


and take pride in doing that consistently over 20 years.

 Thanks to our dedicated property management company AK_Barcelona,  hundreds of property owners are enjoying peace of mind and 100% passive income.  

We take responsibility for all aspects of managing your property. All legal matters, find the right tenants,  sign contracts, billing, maintenance, response to any issue, and problem-solving.



our mission



Our Recently Completed projects Gallery
Sosa group companies 

AK-BARCELONA a certified Real Estate Agency and property management company in Barcelona. Specializing in finding, buying, developing, selling, renting and managing real estate properties. 

AK-BCN provides personalized services tailored specifically for Israeli investors. With roots in Israel and proficiency in the language, we accommodate all types of real estate seekers, ensuring a seamless experience for every client.



Avenida Mistral 2, Entresuelo 2 Barcelona

+34 931 867 356 / +34 662 195 446



Our Israeli website is your gateway to real estate investment opportunities, offering tailored insights and resources for Israeli investors to make their next investment wisely.


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