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Investment Opportunities

SOSA Real Estate Investments offers Real Estate investment opportunities that are specially tailored to your individual needs and desires.


Expand your investments to include a large portfolio of real estate. See below a variety of ongoing property investment opportunities. and contact us to find out more. 

Profitable building in Poblenou presents a prime opportunity

Investment type

Buy - Develop - Rent - Sell 

Purchase Price:                                    €900,000

Project Cost:                                        €200,000

Return On Investment:            47% sale + 10% annual

Minimum Partner Investmet:              €50,000 


Buying a residential building with 7.6% rental annual yield, which is set to undergo expropriation. Conducting minor renovations and Increasing the rental income by 51%. Finally, selling the units with a 47% profit.

The opportunity

A compelling opportunity of high profits in a sought after area, leveraging expropriation as a project strength, ensuring promising future sell potential.

Pareto 22, Hospitalet - New build of 4 units

Investment type

Buy - Build - Sell 

Purchase Price:                                    €517,000

Project Cost:                                        €560,000

Return On Investment:                  79%-97.92%

Minimum Partner Investmet:              €100,000 

Project duration:                                     2 years                ​


Repurposing the building from its former public function (a library) to residential use. Adding an additional floor and converting the existing space into four residential units, amplifying its potential for profitability.

The building is situated in a highly sought-after area, which offers uniqueness and high demand, promising favorable prospects.​

The opportunity

Highly lucrative investment opportunity with the utilization of build rights. With low risk and high margins, it offers significant potential for profitability.

Renovation of a building in Gracia, the best neighborhood in Barcelona

Investment type

Buy - Develop - Sell 

Purchase Price:                                    €900,000

Project Cost:                                        €230,000

Return On Investment:                          32.75%

Minimum Partner Investmet:                €50,000                  ​

Duration:                                              1.5 years



Venture of renovation of a residential building in prime location, dividing then selling the flats. 

3 flats were sold before the start of the works. The remaining ground floor is then reformed into 2 units of 60 m2 each and will be sold as soon as ready. 

The opportunity

A prime location investment opportunity with no risk. Very quick flip of no more then 1.5 years with high yields.

Exclusive luxury home with a garden in the heart of Barcelona

Investment type

Buy - Develop - Rent - Sell 

Purchase Price:                               €300,000

Project Cost:                                     €50,000

Rent Yield:                                            7.6%

Expected yield from Sale:                     28%

Minimum Partner Investmet:            €50,000                  ​


A big flat with a private garden, fully renovated up to luxury standards. Nowadays it is rented for €2,250 per month. 

We are offering it for sale for the price of €450,000.


The opportunity

Great charactaristic and perfect location made this flat a great opportunity to develop for rental and sale.   

Build in the Prime location of Sant Just Desvern. 

Investment type


Total Project Cost:                       €1,100,000

Minimum Partner Investment:          €75,000

Yield:                                               35%-50%


A new construction project of two 180m2 semi-detached houses.  Ready to start building an extraordinary property in a specific sought-after area in the affluent town of Sant Just Desvern with a high-demand market niche.


The opportunity

Incredible boutique project in the affluent city center.  High-profit margins and yield. 

Penthouse development Muntanya, Barcelona. 

Investment type

Buy -Develop - Sell


Total Project Cost                            €373,000

Minimum Partner Investment           €50,000 ​

Estimated Sale Yield:                            80%


The property is in an attractive central location currently has a built area of 60m2.  With a prepared project plan and paper works.

The opportunity

A rare opportunity to turn a 60m2 attic apartment into a luxurious 130m2 Duplex with 50m2 terraces.

Co-Living Building in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona.

Investment type

Buy - Rent -Option to develop

Investment:                                  €950,000

Rent Yield:                                          8.5%



6 floors,  8 rented studio apartments over 4 floors each with a private bathroom, and a shared kitchen per floor. A shared rooftop with social space. 


A fully functional rental property with guaranteed high return income and the option to develop 2 more units and increase returns even more. 

Lot of renovated apartments with terrace in Poble Sec, Barcelona

Investment type

Buy - Rent 

Investment:  (2 apartments):           €335,000
                      (4 apartments):           €620,000                   

Rent Yield:                                               7.0%                            ​


A lot of 4 totally reformed one-bedroom 35ms apartments with a communal terrace of 80m2 with spectacular open views. With 100% capacity (temporal rent contracts) and average rent of €900 each. Option to buy another 80m2 apartment in the same building to reform to the same specifications. 


The opportunity

A post covid sort after location with open-air views from all apartments and a beautiful terrace. Guaranteed and safe profitability of 7%. 

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