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Real Estate Investments 

Real estate investments

Sosa is offering a wide range of Tailor-made real estate investments and services for all types of investors. 

Sosa Investment is in constant search of new lucrative real estate opportunities in Barcelona province. Buying, renting, developing, selling, and managing properties of all types and sizes. 

Our company allows investors to take part in selected entrepreneurship projects as part of a group of investors with different budgets.

We invite you to contact us and find out about exciting real estate investment opportunities, and our wide range of services.

Buyer agent 

Sosa Investments is on a mission to find the best real estate opportunities for over 20 years.


Working closely with a large reliable network of collaborators such as banks, agents, and assets holders gives us the advantage of locating the most lucrative investment properties, one step ahead of everyone else.

​We represent and act in the name of local and international investors for more than 20 years.


Buying, selling, renting, and managing full buildings, hotels, offices, apartments, homes, change of use projects, restoration projects, touristic properties, short or long-term rents.

You name it we will find it and do it for you. 

Project Management

We manage projects from start to finish because we know that it is crucial to the success of any real estate project. 

The coordination between architects, constructors, city council, designers, and contractors is complex and requires firm and decisive management. 


We know exactly what needs to be done in order to deliver the highest quality and maximize our investor's profits.

That is why we manage all our projects from A to Z.  supervising and supporting all aspects. We keep on top of every detail in order to bring your vision and dream investment into reality.  


Detailed planning, meticulous execution, and perfect delivery is our trademark. 

Real estate agent 

We are a licensed Real estate agency, register in the Spanish Real estates federation, APi_________

Many of our own promotions have turned into success directly by us, we have been selling and renting our own and other properties for over 20 years.


We also collaborate with many other real estate agencies of big and small scale, knowing that each project has its ideal type of real estate agency.

Property management 

Sosa has over 20 years of experience in property management.


AK-BCN our dedicated property management company is a market leader and a point of reference in Barcelona. Providing comprehensive services, logistical management of residential and commercial big or small properties.   


Reliable Property Management is crucial to the real estate investment's long-term yield. That is why we make sure that our investor's best interests are well looked after while offering transparent and efficient customer service.      


We look after and manage all aspects of your property so you can free yourself from worries and enjoy a hands-free residual income from your real estate investment.

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